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Fake Toy School BLOOPERS with Addy and Maya !!!

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2017-10-16 9,073 957 1,207,015 YouTube

Addy and Maya are getting a lesson on how to create better kids YouTube videos. Miss Lucy is not happy about all of the mess ups and bloopers that the girls are doing. This is a good lesson to learn at fake Toy School. Get a behind the scenes look at all of the silly and crazy scenes that never made it to our videos. Will these girls ever graduate from this pretend class? Music Credits: "Happy Feet" by James Farrell courtesy of Soundstripe "Ice-cream Truck" by New Wave Sounds courtesy of Soundstripe "Take a Look at These Hands" by Adrian Walther courtesy of Soundstripe "TimeLord" by Shane Baker courtesy of Soundstripe "Fast Lane" by Hale courtesy of Soundstripe